Future Skills Vision LTD was founded in August 2016 as a learning and development consultancy business. The business was created out of my passion for supporting the development of people and being able to watch them grow. Following several years working within the education industry which saw a number of government reforms affecting the sector I decided it was time to do something different. Within the climate of 2016 was the impending apprenticeship levy which was set to affect businesses by April 2017. I recognised that with this change brought a number of challenges for both businesses and education providers a like. This stood out to me as an opportunity to provide businesses with impartial practical support and advice to assist in their strategic decision making.


At this stage this was however, just an idea, turning the concept into a viable commercial business would be another challenge. Over the past 12 months we have worked to develop and expand our services by challenging our own perceptions and listening to our clients. Whilst apprenticeship advice remains a key part of what we do we offer a suite of learning and development packages to support businesses of any size operating in any sector to develop their employees’ capabilities, motivation and attitude aligned to their growth strategy.

Operating as an independent source of business advice, we recognised the need to build positive relationships with educational institutions and training providers. In doing so we developed a range of educational development services from advising on process implementation to developing new curriculum. This has allowed us to support both education partners and businesses which has provided the vehicle for us to become the connector.


In turn, our goal is to support our partners to create jobs, access opportunities and ultimately build satisfying careers and personal development for their people. At FSV we live by our values creating a positive culture as we truly believe people are the foundation of business success. With our recent new appointments and growing client base we look forward to the exciting challenges ahead as we drive the business forward.

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