Nearly three quarters (73%) of graduate employers hired interns this year, are offering 9,390 internships (AGR) Still not convinced, read on and I will give you 5 main reasons for boosting talent within your organization by taking on an intern into your team. This post will highlight how interns challenge the status quo, immerse in the working culture and contribute to the growth of a skilled workforce. Furthermore, providing an opportunity to allowing business to repaint the employability landscape for young graduates.

However, there is a skeptical approach to these ‘statistics. So, I have delved deeper by asking an intern about her experience. That is the Megan Doherty. As well as, investigate the practical implications in the business world. Below you will find the top 5 reasons to consider taking on an intern.

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  1. The Challenge

I asked Megan about her biggest challenge and she said “trying to sell beer without beer”. Obviously, I gave her a confused look. She explained that he was working behind the buildup of the grand opening. She admitted it is a challenge but she really believes in the product. Thus, highlighting the mentality of interns to embrace challenges! Interns will also test the status quo. The CEO of StringCan Interactive can account for this. He recently stated that interns raise “questions which often help us identify process gaps”. Potentially, improving operations and in turn financial gains. Whilst interviewing Megan, she oozed enthusiasm to get involved.

2. Employability Skills

Megan emphasized that the internship allowed her to understand the little things not covered in university, including: social media marketing, copyright. design procedures and package design. Interns want to pack their CV with a range of experiences, gain in-depth company knowledge and build awareness of the collaboration between functions. So here you have an employee that will fully immerse themselves in your business operations.

3. A Learning Culture

An intern could bring a different perspective for problem solving which in turn can trickle into the skill set of existing employees. This may create uniting between teams as they learn and develop together. According to HP, their interns “enhance the skills you have and help you build a host of new ones.” This clearly sums up the definition of a sustainable workforce. It should be a continuous learning and development cycle to handle ongoing changes.

4. Workforce Talent

If enough employers give people a fighting chance it can enhance employability and in turn have a ripple effect in the job market. For example, Megan highlighted how the internship has made her a “triple threat”. The degree, internship and networking skills has enhanced her adaptability to a variety of work situations. Essentially, internships provide an opportunity to “build skills that you’ll be able to apply anywhere”. (Accenture). So even if the intern is not permeant it can benefit the employability pool overall and hopefully plug the crisis. However, one has to consider that One in ten employers convert more than 83% of their interns into graduate hires” (AGR). So here lies a long-term opportunity to develop an enthusiastic individual.

Let’s not forget those that have left an imprint on society by starting as an intern. For example, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tom Adams and lets not forgot Steven Spielberg.

This just touches on the main benefits of taking on an intern. However, we would love to hear about your experiences you would like to add? Your first time taking on an intern. If so contact us today. We offer a range of learning and development and funding to support you.

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