Last Monday, 29th of January, Team FSV attended the FSB Awards at the Sage, Gateshead, after being nominated for Start Up business of the year. Alongside many other strong Start Up businesses who were all valid and exceptional contenders for the award, to our surprise, FSV were called out as winners, with our Director, Holly Thompson, going up onto the stage to collect the award.

Whilst in shock, but thrilled, here’s what she had to say about receiving the prestigious award; ‘With being a Start up Business, one that is rapidly growing and always looking to expand, we work hard in order to achieve and maintain PR and recognition for the business, as people forget that we have only been in business for around 18 months. Due to this we believe and are looking at the possibility of expanding both national and internationally, which is amazing considering how far we have come in such a short space of time. So for FSV to be recognised for all the hard work this past year, and now becoming an award winning business, its just a fantastic feeling for us, and in particular the North East’.

Although this award was a big achievement for the business and as a team, this is only the beginning for FSV. In the upcoming year we are aiming to scale the business, with the expansion internally through the recruitment of more staff, and externally with the recruitment of new clients. So with that being said, who said next year we can’t be Scale Up business of the year?┬áTeam FSV.

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