Future Skills Vision is a new sponsor of Newcastle Start Up Week! The week consists of 5 days which will help to educated and inspire people on how to start up a business or grow a business in Newcastle Upon Tyne and other North East areas.

You may have the best business idea, but you might not know what to do with it, or you might have got the ball rolling but need guidance, advice or funding to move the idea to the next stage. Start Up Week will help you with all these problems.

At each day at the event is held at different locations and has different underlying purposes, designed to teach you everything that you will need to know about to get your business running in the right direction and make is a success!

The first day of the week is Inspiration day, where our director Holly Thompson and many others will be speaking about what its like to start up and grow your business. The second day of the week is Getting started, where you will be giving guidance and tips on how to move your business idea to the next level/the real world. The third idea is all to do about Funding and Financing your idea/business, where various different speakers will talk about how to gain grants and loans ect. The fourth day is all about Growing and Scaling your business by taking it to new levels, by learning about Marketing, Leadership and Management and Recruitment. The final day of the week is to Keep going or Pivot, which is all about how do you keep the business going, or do you need to enter a new market or change the way you do things, or even call a stop to the business?

We have the expectation of this week being really fun, interesting but also very helpful to businesses who are in the position we were once in, and therefore are looking forward to seeing you all there with all the various different businesses and business ideas. To book tickets, use the link below;


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