As a business, Future Skills Vision helps businesses to grow using insights, expertise in skills and talent development. We are helping businesses across the country to build an effective talent pipeline, blending Apprenticeships, Internships and graduate schemes with experienced hires, up-skilling and retaining off staff.

By now many UK based businesses are aware of the Apprenticeship reform and the Apprenticeship levy, however many let it go to waste due to a lack of understanding, which is where we as a business can help you! We are experts in this field, and want to ensure that the £3billion of potential development funding, allowing you to get the true value from the scheme.

There are many questions that people ask and things that people don’t know about Apprenticeships, with some examples being below.

Are Apprenticeships just for school leavers? Apprentices are not just for school leavers, the age range is from 16-65. Although a vast proportion of people are new to the workforce, Apprenticeships can be used to training your existing junior managers, team leaders or supervisors ect.

Does the Apprenticeship levy only apply to large businesses paying it? Regardless of the size of your organisation, you can access funding to hire new staff or up-skill your current staff. All you pay as an SME is 10% percent towards the total cost of training, and your employees wages. In addition to support the creation of new opportunities for 16-18 year olds, you can access a grant of £1,000 to support with other costs too.

I own my own business, but I’ve never managed staff before, can i be an apprentice? Yes, Even as a business owner, you could complete for example a Leadership and Management apprenticeship, relevant to your role, which would allow you to access the development you need to progress alongside your team.

Apprenticeships don’t apply to my sector or profession, aren’t they just for trades? With the introduction of new standards, which are created by employers for employers, a huge range of trades and professions alike are covered, whether you are a construction company, accountancy firm or technology business – there are standards relevant to you, your industry and your employees.

When speaking to employers who have utilised apprenticeships report that they have seen an increase in productivity in their workforce within 6 months of the appointment. Many also seemed to highlight that there apprentices progress through their organisation faster than their graduate colleagues. There is significant  evidence to suggest that a learning culture in any organisation, whether it be via apprenticeships or other routes, develops a strong loyal workforce with increased employee engagement and fulfilment.

So lets use it! As Uk businesses having access up to £3billion of workforce development by 2020, why are we letting it go to waste? Lets use this as an opportunity to create new job roles, up skill teams and provide local opportunities for local people within our workforce. The power to drive innovation, productivity and economic growth is in our hands, so what are you waiting for?



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