Social media is part of our day to day lives, but this doesn’t just have to be used for personal use/enjoyment, it can be also used for helping businesses to grow and gain a better recognition stance in the market. Here’s 7 reasons as to why if you are a business owner, ¬†you shouldn’t abandon using social media to promote your business:


  • Reduced marketing costs- Using Social Media is a cost effective way to promote your business rather than using multiple marketing methods or other channels.
  • Offer better Customer service- Most clients will use social media to voice there opinions on a product/service that you are offering or that they have used. Therefore by being on social media, it allows for the business to be able to respond to the customers comments and gather feedback to improve.
  • Create a voice- Social media is great for capturing the personality of the business, as for example, posting images and videos of things that are happening in the work place or days out. These are engaging and allow’s for you to stand out in the crowd.
  • Regular posts- Producing regular content and posts for social media allows for the business to stay active in the market and not be forgotten about.
  • Increases brand awareness- By having a Social Media presence, it allows for people to able to able to easily find the business and connect with you, therefore making the business more likely to gain potential customers.
  • Find out what your Competitors are doing- You will have the ability to look at your competitors social media accounts and see what they are getting up to, allowing you to try and keep up with them or potentially get ahead of the game.
  • Expand your Professional network- Along with building relationships with your customers, you can use social media to help you connect with other businesses who might want your services, through Direct messages for example.
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