Being a Digital Marketer is a varied and very fun job role to take up, with the day to day actions and
plans always being different from the next. Being able to both interact with people and customers
through our businesses different social media channels and create lots of different types of content for
these channels is both interesting and fun! Being able to interact with customers through creating
different types of content such as videos, infographics, images, and updating and changing the company
website gives my job a lot of variety and different opportunities to be creative.

What I think the 3 main benefits of being a digital marketer are:

  1. Being able to create various amounts of different content for different services, events, and businesses.
  2. Being able to see your hard work out there and people engaging with it online.
  3. The many different routes you can access within the title of ‘Digital Marketer’


The day to day roles of being a digital marketer:

As Digital Marketer, my week and tasks can vary depending on what’s happening within the business,
such as Events or new products/services that need to be promoted to our audience via different social
media channels. This job role is one that offers creativity to me, something that I’ve wanted as a first
job role, something that allows for me to be able to engage in ways other than just writing a sentence or
just speaking to someone normally.

Hootsuite post scheduling:
At the start of the week, on a Monday morning, my first job is to schedule posts for our social media
channels (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) for the whole week. This would the cover what posts we
send out for the week on each channel and at different times of the day. We aim to send out 10 tweets
on Twitter per day, between 10 am and 2 pm, a couple of Facebook posts per day and a couple for
LinkedIn. These posts would differ between selling posts, informative posts, real-world posts and
generic twitter posts. To go alongside these tweets, I would make sure that I have added links where
relevant, as well as hashtags throughout and finally a graphic to accompany the tweet. A benefit of me
doing this at the start of the week is one, it means that I don’t have to worry about doing this daily and
two so that we don’t forget to tweet at all!
From all the posts going out on different channels, this gives both me and the director valuable
information when we come together at the end of the month for an analytics meeting, where we look at
the performance rates of our companies different marketing channels.

Content creation:
Another part of my job throughout the weeks is that of creating different types of content. Types of
content that I create daily are videos, whether this is short videos from events we have been at, or
whether these are longer and more focused on the team, and our strategy days. The benefit that we get
as a business from creating this type of content for our social media channels is that it is more engaging
for our audience and offers a different perspective to them. This is a type of content likely to be used in
most businesses to make there feeds more engaging and get more interactions.

And more!
I also get the chance to create infographics as part of my role. These are done on a more consistent
basis, and these are usually created on a free online software called Canva, and they usually include
information about our services with generic or team images, contact details and our logo. Newsletters
and email mailshots are something else that I get to create on both a monthly and weekly basis. The
weekly shots that I make, using a software called MailChimp, are usually focused around that of one of
our products/services, or an event we may be hosting or exhibiting at. The monthly mailshots that I
create are usually done at both the start and the end of the month. The one that I create at the start of
the month tends to be about what we have coming up over the month, whether this is about events or
new products/services we are promoting, or even just general news about our business. Then the one
that I do around about the last week of the month is all about the success that we have achieved across
the month.

Within my role, I also create their infographics, with the free online software Canva. This is where I create the
graphics that go on our social media channels, posters for events, information sheets and business
cards. Content created can also be in the form of a video. Quite recently I have had to plan and create a
video for our business that is going to be used for an event we are going to, which will also be used to
help support our business via social media channels. This type of content goes out across Twitter,
Facebook and LinkedIn, and is used to inform our audience about something specific.

Also, within my role as a digital marketer, I also get to work on our company’s website, something that
may not be a typical digital marketing role. This is an example of the many different channels that can
open to you in this job role, and this is something that I enjoy working on. I get to add, change and re-jig
the content that that is on the site. For example, I get to add blog content to the website that has been
created by the team or that is focused around a specific topic area in our industry. I also get to change
the layout and add new pages and images to the site, such as our team page, which now has a new look
with added staff descriptions and images.

Why should you come onboard and become a digital marketer?
So overall, if you are after a job full of creativity, variety, and diversity, then maybe a digital marketing
job could be the career path that you might be interested in. A job where options to create and do new
and exciting things, and learn new skills, all which we will use for later experiences in life. Whether you
are young and looking for a Digital Marketing apprenticeship, or older and looking for a sustainable and
secure job, in an industry that is always growing, Digital marketing is something you won’t regret, as i sure won’t.

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