I’m Sean and I’m a Junior business consultant here at Future Skills Vision; starting the role in June 2018. Working here at Future Skills Vision is a great experience however it can be very busy on a day to day basis, but very enjoyable! We have 3 main services that we provide as a business, which are training, consultancy, and recruitment; which come together depending upon the needs of the clients. My role here is to manage and organise training which involves recruiting people as well as dealing with all paperwork regarding the courses.  Also within my role here I am required to look for and speak to possible future or existing customers. Alongside all of this, I also attend and book business networking events which we attend on a weekly basis. Therefore, with all these different jobs to do; every day is different from the other, and therefore leaves you wondering what is going to happen every time you walk through the door!

Before FSV…

Before working here at FSV, I worked at KFC on a full-time basis for 3 years but then went part-time as I studied Bsc Sports Coaching at the University of Sunderland. During which I got the opportunity to do a 100-hour placement through the university; where I got to know and work here at FSV. During this 100-hour placement, I got to experience every aspect of the business as well as attending several business networking events and I loved every minute of it so was happy to return on a full-time basis after university. During my time at university, I developed a range of skills which has already helped me in my role here at FSV such as written and verbal communication skills and confidence.

So, what now

For me now my plan is to develop and learn here at Future Skills Vision; while at university I never expected to be working as a Junior business consultant as I had plans to continue my studies into teaching or going into nutritional science. However, I am happy here at Future Skills Vision and therefore I’d like to continue to work here and grow as a person. With the business growing rapidly working here is exciting and I want to be a part of company’s story.

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