Hi, my name is Aimee, and I am a business consultant at Future Skills Vision.

What is it like to be a Junior Business Consultant on a day to day basis?

In a word, it’s a bit hectic, but I love it! We have 3 main strands to the business, training,
consultancy, and recruitment and they all interlink depending upon the needs of the
customer. My role is about looking for and speaking to potential customers and gaining
interest. As part of this, I identify customers, set up meetings to showcase our services,
identifying how we can help and then coming up with a plan as to how we can do it whether
it be through doing skills audits, helping to implement processes into the business or
delivering training. I also look after our apprenticeship recruitment. Businesses and
apprentices come to us looking for the right candidate or the right place to work and I match
them up alongside a training provider and support them through the whole process.
Alongside all of that, I also plan and organise who is going to events across the country from
networking to masterclasses and exhibiting and everything in between. As you can see it
can be a bit hectic but that makes every day different.

Before FSV

I studied a degree in Sports Coaching at Sunderland University. I began working with FSV
on a placement through University. I had to complete 100 hours to be successful in the
placement. During that time, I got to experience a whole host of experiences as well as gaining
experience in the workplace. I went to an award lunch where we won Startup Business of
the Year which put us forward to the national final! It was not the Oscars, but it was brilliant, I
had never been to a business award ceremony before. I got to go to networking events (I
had always wanted to go to one of these) and got to meet other like-minded people.
Outside of the events, I helped to implement various process into the business. Near the end
of my placement our Director, Holly, offered me a position within FSV. As I wasn’t quite
finished university I worked part-time until teaching had finished, and I now work here
fulltime. I am actually living breathing proof that working voluntarily or in a placement can
actually lead to a job.

Working in an SME

Working in an SME is great! Every day is different we never know what the day will be like
until the walk through the door. Working at FSV has given me opportunities to work in different
areas that I didn’t think I would be able to. Primarily my role is very much around sales which
links a lot to market research due to having to research potential clients. However, I have
also had the opportunity to conduct interviews by being on the panel which completely took
me out of my comfort zone as we all know how nerve racking it is sat on the other side of the
table. I love organising the events that we go to (I secretly like organising things). I like
researching them and finding out which I think would benefit us the most and has helped us
to expand across the country by getting our name out there. I organise everything from the
booking of the event to what we need to take and how to get there, I do sometimes wish I
could control the traffic. Our Director is very supportive of professional development and is
happy to push us to get the extra training we need that will be able to help the business and us
to grow in skills and experience. Working in a big organisation it is more than likely that I wouldn’t have gotten the
opportunity to be able to do what i do today with as much enjoyment!



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