Our Story

Future Skills Vision LTD was founded in August 2016 by Holly Thompson (our Director) following a fast-paced career in education. Her passion for developing and supporting people are what led her to set up the business.  This passion remains central to the core values, operations and ambitions of FSV – supporting businesses to develop their employees and in turn growing and building successful businesses and teams. Holly ThompsonOriginally qualified as a software developer, Holly believes in supporting the growth and development of the Digital Skills agenda, which is a key theme emerging in terms of the drive and direction of the organisation.  Due to her own career development and expertise, FSV has developed bespoke packages to provide specialist leadership support to growing SMEs who often need to scale up quickly due to their rapid success. Holly believes firmly in the power of education and equipping all individuals for success through experiential learning. FSV support and supply services to a wide range of education clients from primary through to post-grad and beyond. FSV takes a unique look at education, turning it on its head and making it work for business.  Whether you are looking to recruit a 16-year-old apprentice for the first time to provide opportunities, or utilise a range of complex educational funding systems to upskill existing employees to further their development or to support those looking for a career change, you can trust that FSV will source the right product and services for your organisation. We are now as a business at the stage where we are growing the business into other parts of Britain, such as Manchester and Leeds, with plans to build and grow our team and contacts in other places and even nationally. As we are growing, we are becoming more well known as a trusted provider of impartial advice, guidance and practical support, and have been listed or won awards for our success such as Startup Business of the year 2017 for the North East at the FSB awards, where our business will now go forward for the national award. From this we have had the opportunity to Sponsor and be involved in many events and upcoming events such as People Power, Campus North, Sheffield Business Show, North East Expo and Newcastle start up week, with many more in the pipeline! Check out our blog to hear more about our journey to date…… Save

Our Mission

“Harnessing your people power, to drive growth and innovation in your business.”

Our Values

  • Be Innovative
  • Be a Disruptor
  • Be Unique
  • Be Trustworthy
  • Be Agile

Our Clients

We work with an exceptionally diverse range of clients supported by our team of industry experts across a range of sectors. Check out “What our clients say” for more information.

Our Passion

  • Our passion’s includes helping and supporting business to grow, Providing training to upskill existing staff, Helping young people to find a job through Apprenticeships, Offering practical support to ensure maximised funding opportunities, Delivering bespoke quality workshops, Offering Leadership and Management coaching, Supporting businesses with their 5 year growth plans, Supporting companies to build new curriculums.