Cesare Rizzo

What made you choose your career?

During my final year of my degree, I was asked to do some lecturing at the university where I was studying. Upon finishing my BSc in Applied Computing for Business, I went on to train as a teacher. I continued lecturing for a further eight years. Training within the industry is a great challenge, as the training needs vary from business to business. Coming up with solutions for businesses is something that I enjoy and gives me great job satisfaction.

The IT industry is changing so rapidly that a student who starts a three year degree will find that their qualifications and knowledge gained may be out of date by the time they graduate. This is why I advocate apprenticeship schemes for young people wanting to get into IT, as they will earn while they learn, gain experience whilst studying and have up-to-date knowledge when they complete their studies. This is what drives me to continue my career in this area.

What experience do you have?

I was born and grew up in the southern regions of Africa and did all of my schooling in Africa. I went on to do a few college courses in IT and landed a job doing a nationwide computer audit for the Botswana Government. After this contract I found that my qualifications were not well recognised and made the decision to come to the UK to further my education. Upon arrival in the UK I was faced with the issue of funding and had to work to support myself for three years before being eligible for student finance.

During this time I undertook many jobs, from working on construction sites, to bar work and DJ work, to working for a Formula 1 team in Brackley, Buckinghamshire. I then went on to pursue a career in lecturing and training.

What interests do you have?

Apart from technology and business development, IT and computing I enjoy sports motor racing, football and golf. I also enjoy more extreme sports such as kite surfing.  I have a lifelong ambition to go skiing, but after a knee injury (playing football) I had to go for knee surgery. I am still determined to achieve this ambition.

Who or what inspires you?

My inspirations in business are people such as Richard Branson and Lord Alan Sugar. These businessmen have built gigantic enterprises from very little, and now compete with the best of the best in business. I aspire to achieve these goals, but also remain proud and grateful for the road I have already travelled. In general I draw inspiration from my mother who has always taught me that perseverance and hard work go a long way.

I live my life by two sayings: “Never forget where you come from” andthere is no such thing as a mistake, just lessons you haven’t learnt yet.”

What is a random fact about you?

I was 23 years old the first time I saw snow.

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