Stephanie Thompson

What inspired you to become involved in the setup of FSV?

When Holly decided to set up FSV I chose to support her as she is and always has been so driven and passionate towards achieving her goals.  As her wife and largest supporter, it was in my interest to support the set up and recent growth of the business.  I am so proud of what she has achieved to date and watching the business go from strength to strength under her leadership is fascinating.

What did you do before joining FSV?

I have worked for several years within primary education allowing me to build my skills and expertise around EYFS, KS1 and 2.  Although operating as a consultant for FSV I still hold an active role within the primary education sector.

What aspirations do you have?

Having watched the business grow and develop I would love to set up my own business one day, however that remains in the distant future for the time being.

Specialist Skill Areas:

  • EYFS
  • KS1 and 2
  • STEM for Primary education
  • SEN (Including Moving and Assisting)
  • National Curriculum
  • Childhood Development
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